International Tree Consultancy: City of Surrey, British Columbia

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We recently undertook two assessments of existing trees at candidate City park sites in South Surrey, British Columbia, Canada on behalf of the City.  Our assessment included an appraisal of the trees' size, crown spread, general health, and any issues which might need to be remediated.  We also mapped the trees' crown spreads (to 4 cardinal points), tree protection zones (12 x diameter, brown circles) and critical tree protection zones (6 x stem diameter, red dashed circles).  The plans were accompanied by reports and detailed summary tables containing all of the trees' data.  These assessment will assist with the determination of which trees to variously remove and retain, and to inform the spatial arrangement of the parks themselves.  Assessments of this type can prove valuable in providing the data which underpins the creation and future management of structurally diverse and resilient future urban forests.

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